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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                165

beau blondin, that I am afraid to go in a carriage
in the dark—presque seuL1

January i8th, 1797.

I send you two prints of the present dresses
of Paris, done by Vernet's son, and not the least
caricatured, however extraordinary they may appear
to you. What a change even the two months I
have been here have made in dress, manners, &c.!
The return of tranquility and diminution of terror
in the minds of belles, beaux, and dastardly
honnetes gens, who, in fact, deserve no name but
that of egotists, have produced a wonderful im-
provement and increase of luxury. The quantity
of handsome carriages just come out; the circum-
stance of servants again getting up behind them,
and being better dressed; abb6s and others
walking chapeau bas; the men more elegantly and
the women more richly habited, strike my eyes
as I move about in private and in public. I have
this day, for the first time, seen a vinaigrette?

1  M. de B. enquiring of the pretty M. de T. if she was
going  quite  alone into  the  country,  the lady  answered,
"Presque seule."

2  A species of sedan chair upon two wheels.    These
vehicles were introduced when all the horses in Paris were
put in requisition for the army.